Valet app

At Somehow, Amsterdam, I created the user interface elements for the Schiphol Parking App. The app was integrated to an existent back end website and was the result of a service design project. The mobile app itself is going to be used by the valets at this premium parking company. Their customers are mostly passengers that drive their cars to the airport terminal and usually have short period trips. Previously, the passenger himself must book on the parking website for the service.

Many functionalities were developed to the app in order to optimize the whole flow (from the moment the car is pulled over till its delivery to the client) and gives the valet substantial information, as for instance, the arrival time of the oncoming clients and parking lot location.

My work was to come up with a graphic interface that should gather all the functionalities and easily enable access to them. All the information obtained from the design research phase were fundamental to guide me to develop an user-centered app.

Graphically, the app takes in the visual identity colors of the airport and make use of pictograms to communicate straightforwardly the process and needs. One of the goals was to give a good sense of organization by defining hierarchy to information, eliminating distracted elements and enfases to clear typographic appeal. Some of the features I established for the app were: legibility, clearness, straightforward, easy going.