A unique job search platform
for the public sector in Holland

Werken voor Gooi Vecht en Eem is a job search platform that connects the municipalities of this province in The Netherlands with their own employees with a wish of changing jobs or external job seekers interested in applying for vacancies in the governmental sector. The main objectives of the platform are:

  • Publishing of vacancies in an attractive fashion
  • Empowering brand organizations, showing its environment, qualities, and attractiveness
  • Connect the organizations with registered users and send them job alerts
  • Enable users to apply in a smooth flow, keeping their information and CV for future applications

Core functionalities came from the Gemeentebanen website (another
jobsrepublic product) and new features were added or improved, such as favorites jobs and job alerts. The visuals of the website corresponded to the new corporate identity, typography, typeface, color scheme and logo designed by me.


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