At Somehow, I was asked to redesign the previous version app of a cleaning service Dutch company with over 3000 employees. Some of their clients are hospitals and elderly homes. The app is used by cleaning workers and support them in most of their everyday tasks. One of the goals of the app is to enable better communication between the cleaners and the managers, evaluate the cleaning service and provide several sort of information into a back-end website.

The brief was to design a new version android app that would not be difficult to be assimilated for the users, add new functionalities (as NFC check-ins) and improve some design aspects. Therefore this lastest version came out with a cleaner and fresh design, squared elements and minimalist layout. Color palette is predominantly  monochromatic except for some few color buttons that indicate easily what the user should do with no cognitive loading. Icons are straightforward and simple to be recognizable.  Buttons are big enough to be easily tapped on-the-go using one single hand (providing clean workers would certainly handle another object at the same time).