The use of  a framework for a mobile application has many benefits for both designer and developers. The framework of Cash or Card POS app was created to keep easy consistency and coherence among all elements of the tablet application. This Sketch file contains color scheme, buttons, forms, icons, tiles,  toast, alert, bars, etc. Every time the designers update one component this one is updated in the framework either so the developers can keep track of the last versions of any element. Besides, design specification gives information on size, paddings, colors and font styles.

pos-framework-2 copypos-framework-2 copy
pos-framework-3 copypos-framework-3 copy
pos-framework-4 copypos-framework-4 copy
pos-framework-5 copypos-framework-5 copy
pos-framework-6 copypos-framework-6 copy
pos-framework-7 copypos-framework-7 copy
pos-framework-8 copypos-framework-8 copy